Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ubuntu 12.10 & Sauerbraten

Wow ! It's been a long time ! Indeed I've been busy in my job at RCOM-FM ( , so I do not had much time to spend on "Doggy-Zone" . 

So in this post I want to write about two things : the fresh update of Sauerbraten and the last version of Ubuntu which is the 12.10 release .

First I want to comment on Ubuntu ( . This release was a bit disappointing in the free and open source community . Indeed , Ubuntu becomes better and better at each release . But this time something went wrong : Ads and the unity search-tab and default created short-cut to commercial partner . I understand that success of Ubuntu need more server to supply download and other services reliability and by this way more money . But , and this is a personal point of view , I don't think that Ads like that are compatible with the philosophy of the free and open-source softwares .Even if we can remove these Ads , I just can't stand it !

Ubuntu is still a great operating system in despite of the Ads problem . The best way to use Ubuntu without problems is to use an other Ubuntu-Based distro , like Kubuntu ( or Ubuntu Studio ( , since the ads only affect the Unity Desktop .

Well , let's talk about a better point : Sauerbraten . Sauerbraten ( is a free and open source FPS-Game and Engine . And it has been just updated ! With tons of new maps , two games mods , news menus , news game engine feature (like dynamic lighting support) and a lot of bug fixes ! Here's some screen-shots (as always click to zoom) :

I hope you find this post useful ! Greetings comrade and have nice day !